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Immediate Plans

To raise funds, collect donations and locally purchase notebooks, stationery, book bags, textbooks and distribute to needy school children at two Elementary & Junior schools for Spring 2019.


Addis Alem Elementary  

801 students (Phase II)


Galessa Elementary

1000 Students (PhaseII)


For full project documents

Phase I 

Phase II

Mid-term Plans

To establish and run a modest school cafeteria so that students who do not have the means to get meals during the semester.

To provide needy students clothing, shoes and  school uniforms.

Long-term Plans

To build reading and study area with some extracurricular books and computers.

Expand  the pilot program to reach out several rural schools and cooperating with other charitable organization.

To establish a scholarship program that will help needy students complete a high school education and prepare for college or vocational training.

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